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Maximizing Your Metals Position with Comprehensive Precious Metals Control Software

Protect your company’s metal assets with proactive management of fine metal inventory, raw material in process and precious metals scrap―wherever it’s located.

If you’re a wholesale trader and refiner of precious metals, it can be argued that nothing is more fundamental to your business than a 100% accurate, on-demand metals inventory control solution. If at any given time you don’t precisely know, down to the ounce, what you hold, there’s so much more you don’t know. Do I have enough material or product to complete my commitments? What are my true yields? What are my losses?

A refiner’s inventory is fluid and aggregated from a number of different sources and categories. Without the right controls and information, even the most diligent managers can see metal yields quickly spiral down. To fully understand your position―and provide customers, on-demand, with a true real-time picture―you need automated processes that systematically categorize and quantify your inventory based on location, account, asset class and metal types.

These systems also protect against metal losses are associated with (1) internal production, (2) assaying, (3) scrap reclamation, (4) theft and (5) credit extended to less than credit-worthy businesses. By frequency of occurrence, this order is about right; by severity of loss, it’s hard to tell. The five are inextricably woven. A problem in one affects the others, and today’s difficult environment makes companies more vulnerable to all five.
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