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With the advent of the cloud, tradition doesn't hold much good anymore. Applications traditionally residing “inside” the network would be “outside” on the cloud, competing for the first time with external applications for bandwidth. Traditional ways of looking at firewalls limit organizations' ability to meet the fight for bandwidth brought on by the movement of applications to the cloud.

Managing access to applications is a complex affair already given the vast multitude of applications, their availability over the Web and the acceptance of SaaS (Software as a Service) as mainstream applications.

Cloud computing adds to this complexity in application access and control. By blurring the hitherto clear distinction between internal applications hosted within organizations' data centers and external applications available over the World Wide Web, the challenge of managing application access and control becomes far more complex than is garnering attention.

While current industry focus rests on potential security challenges that Cloud introduces, productivity challenges are bound to hit organizations sooner. Barring bandwidth critical applications like VoIP and video conferencing, organizations are not geared to delivering assured application access to users.

Yet, organizations cannot afford to increase the number of solutions indiscriminately to handle cloud challenges. The solution to the task of assured Application-QoS (Quality of Service) lies in firewalls and UTMs (Unified Threat Management)1. They need to move out of their traditional siloed thinking that fit the era of perimetered networks which are fast disappearing as far as applications are concerned. Firewalls need to open themselves to solve emerging requirements by going beyond straight forward allow-disallow application rules to provide granular controls that apply QoS by applications and users, which they had not considered before.
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