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Electronic document management means learning to manage content and the documents that support it in a digital world. Being Paperless could mean different things to different people.

• Document Management - The management and retrieval of both paper scanned images and electronic files such a MS-Word, Excel, PDF, AutoCAD and email. • Document Imaging - The retrieval of document images, with an association to supporting data. • Content Management - Content management is a set of processes and technologies that support the evolutionary life cycle of digital information. • Records Management - Generally thought of as retention policy making for paper, electronic images and data. • Document Capture - The capture of paper from an electronic scanner, such as a digital copier, scanner and fax. In addition to images, Index data such as a name, number or document type descriptions are generally collected during the capture process. Document Capture will store the scanned documents on hard drives, network or CD with no capability to manage, locate or retrieve the documents at a later date.

To be paperless you should consider the importance of managing digital information and maintaining the integrity of the document as the source. Managing digital documents requires a certain degree of discipline. Consider the following:

• What is the document? • Why is it needed? • How will the documents be accessed and used? • Who needs access to it? • Is the information sensitive? • Am I fulfilling my responsibilities for legal compliance and privacy laws? • How long the documents are active and frequently reviewed vs. archived for legal retention? • How long the information must be kept?
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