Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Comparative Management Costs Study - Sponsored Whitepaper

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The goal of this paper is to provide the reader with an understanding of the cost of ownership and the business value advantages of choosing Oracle’s ZFS Storage Appliance family of Unified Storage devices. In order to illustrate these advantages, Edison compares its ease of management for day-to-day tasks, with an emphasis on troubleshooting, with that of the NetApp FAS family of storage arrays.

The audience for this white paper is IT and business decision makers who are well informed about current technologies.

Executive Summary – a brief review of the context for the research and Edison’s findings.

Introduction – this section. Background – a more thorough discussion of the context in which Unified Storage systems have come to exist and the management challenges inherent in the technology.

Methodology – an overview of the Edison CMCS Methodology, the laboratory configuration used for testing, and the specific procedures used in this study.
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