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Voice over IP Networks: Ensuring quality through proactive link management
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Voice over IP (VoIP) networks offer clear advantages over traditional telephony technologies (PSTN) such as cost reduction, unified messaging, unified networking, simpler add/move/change operations and user functions, making it a choice that many organizations are making and migrating their systems to.

Unlike traditional telephony, which provided a very high level of availability, performance and reliability, VoIP implementations become dependent on Internet-based links and private WAN links, which raise new challenges that organizations need to address.

Internet connectivity is widely available and has become more cost-effective in recent years with high-speed connectivity, making it a great choice to handle voice traffic as well as data connections. As with data connections, organizations are looking to provide the most reliable service for their users and customers, ensuring business continuity.

When migrating traditional telephony systems to VoIP using IP-based connectivity, organizations need to plan and maintain the same level of service users are accustomed to at the office and at home since telephony is considered a vital element of everyday life and operations. One key consideration for VoIP is that most organizations are aiming for “five 9's” reliability, and links are a key component in achieving this objective.

Voice traffic by nature is more sensitive to network delays than data traffic, and this leads to a new set of parameters which organizations need to handle. These include link availability, link saturation, LAN quality, LAN provisioning and quality of service (QoS), which is a vital part of the project. These items may degrade the user experience and raise costs through dropped conversations, damaged reputations, as well as lost opportunities and sales, and productivity.
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