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Mobile TV has become a key, if not the key, application that mobile operators need to deploy to attract new subscribers, or simply retain their existing base. Even before the business models and killer applications for mobile video have been fully explored, mobile operators and broadcasters already face a wide variety of mobile video distribution standards, devices, and applications that deeply impact the way in which those services are deployed.

This presentation will focus on the knowledge gained from early deployments of MPEG-4 encoders for Mobile TV. Featured highlights include case studies on the Orange 3GPP deployment, with an overview of its technical challenges as well as current requirements for successful Mobile TV deployments.

As with most new consumer services, while Mobile TV services are enabled by advances in technology and video is still perceived to be a high value driver of premium service adoption, the technology itself is not what the user values. Instead operators deploying commercial Mobile TV services attribute their success to focusing on and optimizing the quality of experience, and delivering services that meet or exceed the customers' expectations at a price that is perceived to be acceptable.

Mobile TV deployments can only be considered a success if they contribute positively to an operator's business. Most operators are looking beyond user subscription fees as the sole revenue source for the service by adding revenue from targeted advertising and other paid content. Operators also see tangential benefits of improved subscriber adoption, increased penetration of premium services and handsets, and greater overall brand visibility.

Operators who optimize their video headends and TV portals on the device to improve the end user Quality of Experience see better user adoption, higher revenue potential and more positive brand awareness. While debates continue around the potential future for Mobile TV, it is clear that operators who have created attractive video services were able to generate substantial revenues and establish brand leadership.
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