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Materials and Information: The Confluence of Two Value Streams
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Lean manufacturing is no longer an option. It is an integral part of the overall competitiveness of manufacturing companies today. However, lean manufacturing has created “islands of efficiency” as individual processes have been optimized and the overall production flow has been disconnected from ERP-pushed information by the use of manual pull-based parts movement systems such as Kanban.

In effect, there has been a separation of the two manufacturing value streams:

1) Physical Materials Flow: The movement of parts and materials throughout value-adding manufacturing process.

2) Information Flow: The information surrounding the physical flow of value-added materials – the parts movement triggers, production and quality statistics, parts audit trails and product genealogies.

Faced with the challenge of accelerated physical flows through increasingly complex customer requirements, manufacturers require accelerated information provision at both the shop floor and enterprise levels. But real-time shop floor information has largely remained outside of the domains of ERP and distribution/fulfillment systems, so many enterprise and operations functions that rely on product- and production-related information cannot respond to new requirements, and the daily dynamics and changes.
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