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Introduction Perhaps you have heard that document management software is very time consuming to put in place and manage properly, or that it is too expensive for smaller to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Maybe your staff is telling you that their current manual systems work ne; that everyone is familiar with them and that they have grown with the needs of the business. Perhaps those employees don't accept change easily. Or you may worry that technology is changing so fast that as soon as you invest in a document management system, it will be obsolete. So, is document management just too difcult to incorporate into your organization?

The adoption of document management systems has certainly been slower at the SME-level than in the multinational enterprise, but this is changing fast. Document management products have lowered in cost and have become easier to deploy, with most commonly used features now not requiring special installation and conguration. The number of business documents in smaller companies may be many times fewer than at multinationals, but most SMEs have a number of key business requirements that can only be properly satised by deploying a document management system.

Improved Customer Service Competition between smaller organizations, their peers and bigger companies has never been greater, and increasingly that competition is based on the level of customer service provided. A smaller organization must offer outstanding customer service when it is competing with a larger competitor, due to the latter's ability to invest far greater sums in developing its products and services. If the smaller company can move the battleground for winning the business to the quality of customer service provided, then it should be able to thrive.

To provide better customer service, any company must give its employees fast and straightforward access to the right information for their work. This has led to a growth in the use of document management in SMEs to give good access to key documents such as contracts and supporting documents such as correspondence, nancial documents and sales paperwork.

“... most SMEs have a number of key business requirements that can only be properly satised by deploying a document management system”
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