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Healthcare Case Study - Scanning and Filing Insurance Claim Forms
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Edgefield County Hospital (ECH) is located in Edgefield, South Carolina whose mission is “to provide quality and appropriate care to all people”. With 15 doctors on staff, they provide care for 332 admitted patients and over 12,000 outpatients per year.

ECH needed a way to manage approximately 15,000 hard copy pages of insurance remits and other related claim documentation annually. It was essential for them to improve on their slow archiving process by organizing the information in a useful manner. They also needed to reduce costs for maintaining and storing paper healthcare records. Folders, labels, shelving, and file cabinets, along with an ever increasing demand for floor space, represented a challenge. ECH had previously implemented a healthcare management system but the scanning solution was time-consuming and did not offer a batch scanning. All scanning of patient insurance documentation is done in-house.

ECH needed to find a document management solution that worked seamlessly in conjunction with a scanner to ease the management and accessibility of insurance information. Minimize labour involved with the filing of paper documents Provide immediate and multi-user access to patient insurance information Eliminate the cost of paper handing, filing, and storage Provide quick and seamless integration with a scanning solution

FileHold document management software and EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro scanning software were selected by ECH to meet their business objectives and integrate with their already purchased Fujitsu fi-6130 scanner. The Fujitsu fi-6130 is the fastest and most compact scanner in its class and the color duplex is small enough to use at your desk. It is loaded with intelligent functions for efficient operation which results in even easier document management with FileHold.

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