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Ensuring compliance with PCI Security Standards:

Understand how hackers hack and how to protect your business and your customers

Executive Overview At online retailers and merchants of every variety, CIOs and IT directors spend a great deal of time and costs in an effort to become — and remain — PCI compliant.

And with good reason. Thousands of data breaches are reported every year. Data theft can be an incredibly expensive process for any organization, costing up to $60 million or more in fines and charges – enough to put many companies out of business. Even in the cases where a merchant can afford to cover the cost of noncompliance with PCI, a single data breach can put customer relationships at risk, instigate lawsuits and adversely affect future sales.

PCI DSS is one of the most important mandates affecting information security today, but the tasks and costs associated with becoming PCI compliant can seem daunting. Many merchants are greatly burdened by the compliance validation obligations and struggle with annual QSA audits without a strong set of compliance tools and support services. Gartner estimates the total PCI compliance expenses over a period of 2.35 years at $1.1 million for Level 2-4 retailers . Moreover, today’s increasingly sophisticated threat landscape will only continue to raise the level of required security, so such significant costs are unlikely to decrease.
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