Excellence Nessuah Investments house (Excellence) was founded in 1992 and has been listed on the TASE since 1994 - Sponsored Whitepaper

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Excellence secured server is accessed by authorized identities using a Check Point VPN and RSA OTP hardware tokens. Excellence is constantly looking for new and alternative solutions to the one used by the company. Strong Authentication is both an important and regulatory issue. As such, Excellence has outlined
the main issues to be addressed when looking for existing and new solutions:

- Cost: With growing number of employees and suppliers the costs of purchasing and delivering hardware tokens made it a difficult task. Each hardware token has to be purchased, physically delivered to the end user, maintained and replaced
when lost or not functioning.

- Availability for new users: New users, either employees and/or suppliers with high security requirement have to wait until the device reaches them in order to enter their accounts with full credentials (Same goes for existing users whose hardware token has to be replaces). This takes time and is often dependant on
external factors such as availability and delivery.

- Managing temporary access: With hardware tokens, there is an issue of temporary secured access to temporary end users and employees. The end user has to get a purchased token and return it.
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