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“Wait a minute, can they really do that?” When movies and television programs like Quantum of Solace, 24 and CSI show the heroes doing amazing things with video technology, is that real? In a few cases, some liberties may be taken for entertainment purposes. But the fact is, video technology is making quantum leaps in its capabilities, especially in the public safety and public services sectors. Video has come a long way from simply video surveillance monitoring.

Breakthrough video security solutions are fast emerging, and are prepared to help protect lives and property by being smarter, faster and more proactive.

From Passive to Proactive Video surveillance has been a powerful productivity tool in the public safety and public services arenas for more than a quarter century now. But video surveillance merely scratches the surface of what is possible with video today, and what will be possible in the very near future. Video surveillance is rapidly evolving into a much more comprehensive concept: video security. And the potential for video security to help improve public safety and public works, streamline services, fight and prosecute crime, increase efficiency, promote collaboration, reduce costs and save lives is virtually limitless.

Video systems are being driven by bold new ways of thinking about video. A new wave of advanced video technologies are transforming video systems from the relative passivity of simple video surveillance to more preemptive, more proactive, more intelligent video security solutions.
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