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The volume of rich media files, i.e. video and audio over the Internet is on continuous growth, thanks in part to relative global increase in Internet connectivity speeds as well as the increased availability of digital capture and playback devices with relatively low costs such as digital cameras and media enabled handheld computers and mobile phones.

With this growth in volume comes also great variety not only in content but also in formats in which the content is stored. At the time of this writing there are tens of different container media file formats and many times more video and audio codec's, i.e. methods of sequencing and/or compressing video and audio information.

Adding to this the variety of application-layer protocols and proprietary applications, using which media content maybe delivered over the internet, content providers – be them large media corporations, advertising companies or small businesses on budget – face a dilemma in committing to a media format that can address the following all-too-common concerns:

Does this media format currently have a broad audience? That is, if one commits to a certain technology (media format + streaming server), how big a portion of one's intended audience will be able to receive the media content and play it without major problems and without having to go through various player software downloads?

What is the likelihood of the survival of a certain media technology in the future? How big is the chance of my adopted technology being defeated in terms of market share and audience by competitors in the future?
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