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Driving Customer Satisfaction Up While Driving Support Costs Down with Cloud‐based Unified Communications

Executive Summary In corporate environments where competition is fierce and companies struggle to gain market share, anything to differentiate from the rest has to be considered. But when margins are already slim and prices cannot be cut, and incremental product advances are quickly matched by others in the industry, the most obvious place to look to gain a competitive advantage is in the customer satisfaction area. Within that framework, there are two distinct improvements that can be made: First, improving customer satisfaction drives additional sales (at a lower cost of sale), and second, using advanced Cloud‐UC technology within that environment drives down bottom‐line costs while preserving that customer satisfaction advantage. When no additional improvements can be made in the product itself, added value has to be delivered through being more responsive and more accessible to customers. This heightened level of customer satisfaction can be delivered by enhancing the existing communications system to allow for a broader scope of interaction methods, faster response time, and easier access to agents. The boost in customer satisfaction ultimately leads to more sales and increased revenue. On the other end of the balance sheet, the elusive goal of giving more and spending less can be achieved with a cloud‐based unified communications system. The range of services that cloud‐based unified communications services has to offer differs from more traditional hosted and on‐premise unified communications solutions. Agility is the one aspect that really defines cloud UC, as compared to on‐premise, or standard hosted and managed solutions that also provide solutions that go beyond the onsite resources. Hosted and managed services are fixed, contracted solutions which do offer the advantage of reduced capital expense (just like cloud‐UC), but typically offer a more fixed basket of services that may not always suit what is needed. With a cloud‐based unified communications service, in addition to the broad range of communications options, there is the option of scaling services up or down as per real‐time demand and a constantly changing customer dynamic. Cloud‐based Unified Communications provides solutions primarily for small and medium business enterprises and does not need any software or hardware to be installed on the premises. The communication services offered combine unlimited digital voice, collaboration, messaging, and call center services through one single administrative and user interface. The cloud‐based call center solutions enable enterprises to provide the highest level of sales and service support to customers, without the need of procuring hardware and software from multiple vendors, often at a very high cost. And by delivering multiple channels of customer interaction, including voice, IM, SMS, fax, VoiceMail and email, costly phone time can be kept to a minimum. Cloud‐based Unified Communications drives the costs of efficient support operations down, while at the same time optimizing customer satisfaction, through an efficient, user‐friendly and prompt infrastructure that offers quick, seamless and networked performance at all times. Most importantly, by virtualizing the call center

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infrastructure, greater flexibility can be achieved to allow the company to respond quickly to changing requirements.
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