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Mobile printers have proven that they can increase productivity, reduce operating costs, improve cash flow and revenues, and enhance customer retention in a competitive market.

But not all mobile printing solutions succeed. Some fail to provide the expected gains in productivity because of excessive downtime related to difficult operation, cumbersome maintenance, or poor reliability. Some fail to provide projected returns because expenses associated with deploy- ment, operation, and maintenance erode cost savings.

Creating a successful mobile printing solution involves more than putting portable printers in the hands of front-line workers. You have to select the best print technology, media, connectivity option, and printer features for the particular mobile application.

The purpose of this white paper is to simplify the mobile printer selection process by providing a framework for determining which mobile printers represent the best value and opportunity for a return on investment (ROI).

The white paper briefly explores advantages and disadvantages of available mobile printing and communication technologies, and presents real-world examples of mobile printing failure and success.
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