Northern Arizona University (NAU) selected Qualstar library for faster performance and more capacity. - Sponsored Whitepaper

Northern Arizona University (NAU) selected Qualstar library for faster performance and more capacity.
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Flagstaff-based Northern Arizona University (NAU) has built a strong reputation in education that now encompasses roughly 20,000 students at its main campus, its 35 sites throughout the state and its growing curriculum of online education offerings. With a firm commitment to student success, NAU offers strong undergraduate, graduate and research programs that extend from forest health to bio-terrorism.

Sitting at an altitude of 7,000 feet, NAU's main campus has seen its share of weather extremes. But, nothing quite prepared Senior System Administrator Clark Davis – or the university's Quantum P7000 tape library – for the recent flash flood that sent a torrent of water crashing through the doors of the campus data center where the tape library resided.

At risk were over 3,000 weekly backup jobs and an added 30TB of weekly data, much of which consists of backups for the organization's critical databases containing past and present student records, and its financial system information.

One glance at the aftermath told Davis to waste no time in finding a replacement tape library. Although the library itself barely escaped getting wet, he proved to be right. NAU's insurance company quickly authorized replacement as well. “After drying out the room and cleaning up after the flood, the tapes and tape drives in the P7000 just started running worse and worse,” he said. “By the end of two weeks, the library just totally gave up the ghost. Everything quit working: No drives, no robots, nothing.”
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