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Introducing the Dynamic and Scalable Data Center

Virtual Private Data Centers with Multiple QoS levels deliver scalable capacity while minimizing costs

Ken Owens Technical VP - Security and Server Technologies

Table of Contents 2 Introduction 2 Overview 3 Defining the VPDC 5 Scalable Components 6 Architectural Overview 7 Service Profiles 8 Service Catalog 8 Cloud OS 9 Summary

Introduction The cloud is suddenly everywhere. The five-year annual growth rate for IT cloud services is projected to be 26.5 percent — that’s six times the growth rate of traditional IT service offerings1. Virtualization and cloud computing are the #1 and #2 technology priorities for CIOs in 20102. And the top three factors causing enterprises to move to cloud are, in order, access to expertise; lower overall cost; and need for 24/7 coverage3.
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