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This document discusses the reasons e-mail archiving is necessary, the benefits of archiving mes- sages, the different options available for archiving, and how administrators can determine which option is best for a given company.

Email Archiving has become a key issue for many corporate decision makers. A driving factor for this is that many industries are impacted by federal regula- tions which require that email communications are archived and preserved for a statutory period of time. E-mail archiving regulations primarily pertain to pub- licly traded companies, financial institutions, health- care facilities, and government agencies.

Although compliance with federal regulations is usu- ally a key motive behind e-mail retention, many com- panies choose to retain and archive emails solely for legal purposes. Due to the litigious environment in which many companies exist, old e-mail may be use- ful in lawsuits and can be subpoenaed in conjunction with criminal or civil charges. E-mail archives can work as a defense, but they can also become liabili- ties and increase a company’s risk profile if they expose unnecessary information or contain evidence of illegalities.

While company management may not feel that the legal benefits from e-mail archiving can justify the associated costs, archiving has other, more immedi- ate practical benefits.

Archiving helps to eliminate mailbox quota issues. Administrators often have to implement mailbox quotas as a way to prevent the mail server from run- ning out of disk space. Although users frequently have important messages that they need to keep in their mailboxes, they may eventually need to delete them in order to stay within the quota limit. The same thing happens with mailbox retention limits as well. Some administrators set up retention limits that automatically delete old messages. However, if users are under the impression that their old messages are
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