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Application Lifecycle Management Solutions in the Cloud
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In the software development field, the rewards that can be gained from an organized Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process have been thoroughly documented; however, what do ALM solutions that are based in “the cloud” bring to the table for a project? What features should these tools incorporate? More specifically, where is the return on investment (ROI) found by having these features available to the different areas of a software development project?
Top 10 Features:
1. Appropriate Tool for Application Lifecycle Management
2. “Right-sized” Tool Cost
3. Integrated Software Quality Methodology
4. Security
5. Support
6. Roles
7. Data Integrity and Application Availability
8. Traceability, Reporting, and Audit Trails
9. Minimal Ramp-up Time
10. Integration with External Tools

This paper details the most desirable options and features in a hosted ALM application and explain where the ROI for each exists. Some of the following items will undoubtedly be the types of features that any ALM solution should incorporate, but they become "must-haves" when the application is hosted.
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