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by Rex Lamb, President, Marex Group, Inc. Developers of the FileBound & Docuvation Document Management Solutions

Every organization, regardless of size, has certain common characteristics and needs. You all have documents and information that you need to organize, manage and control to be success- ful.You all generate invoices, process vendor invoices, have human resource, contracting, and other documents that you have to manage.

Today, information and documents are created from multiple sources and stored in many forms. Every organization has Word documents, emails, faxes, paper documents and many other document types. The question is how do you bring all this content together to manage historical activity, provide customer support, and comply with govern- ment regulations? Document management solutions are the answer.

In the past, these solutions were financially out of reach to all but the very largest. Small and medium sized organizations were faced with very few options other than printing everything to paper and filing it in traditional filing systems or trying to organize digital content on mapped network drives and folders. These systems are difficult and costly to maintain and more importantly, they don’t meet the goal of provid- ing easy, secure access to business documents and other content.

Two innovations over the past few years have changed this model— 1) the introduction of web technologies, and 2) hosted software services. Together, these innovations have reduced the internal infrastructure required to deploy and support document manage- ment systems, while lowering the total cost of ownership to the point where these solutions are within reach of all organizations.
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