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High-end Content Management for the Masses

CDIA+,25yearsexperienceinthe records management industry; includingsoftwareandhardware development, scanning services and development of imaging ASP services. Formerly served as CTO for ImageMax, Inc., a publicly traded document imaging company. and President of DocuTech, Inc. , a Nebraska based document service bureau. Currently President of Marex Group, Inc.

“Image your critical corporate information, accessible from anywhere in the world and always up-tp-date. Start using the power of the Internet to drive your document repository!”

Every business or organization, regardless of their size, has certain common characteristics and challenges. They all have documents and information that they need to organize, manage and control in order to ensure their success. Whether they use Quick Books or a high-end ERP solution, they all generate invoices, process payables, have human resource files and have to complete tax forms. Comparatively, if they are a one-doctor clinic or a 500-bed hospital they have to keep medical records and process EOB documents.

Today, information and the documents generated from it are created from multiple sources and stored in many forms. Every organization has Word documents, emails, faxes, paper documents and many other document types. The question is: how do they bring all these pieces together to create a history of their activities, provide customer support and comply with government regulations? Content management solutions are the answer.
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