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Is SharePoint a Document Management System?

The answer lies within what you are expecting from the system. It depends on how you choose to define your needs for a document management solution.

At the core, a document management system is designed to automate a business process. In its simplest form, this involves capturing paper documents, or other types of content, so an end user can retrieve the image/content from their computer as efficiently as possible. In practice, executives and end users have a laundry list of needs to be met in order to consider a solution successful:

Integration with legacy applications (the main system users work from every business day) Reports – an audit trail showing who, what and where Getting documents to the right people to expedite the business process What changes were made to documents after they were entered into the repository? What documents are stored in the system? Where are the documents stored? And certainly – Return on Investment (ROI)

Microsoft SharePoint has been a popular topic in the document management field over the past few years. There is much debate about whether SharePoint is a “real” document management solution. What is not debatable is the sky-rocketing growth of SharePoint in today's organizations. Some so-called experts point to SharePoint as the fastest product to $1B in sales for Microsoft and the 200 million seats sold. Truly awesome! However, we are talking about “digital” document management here – a technology/solution that's been around for nearly 30 years. In reference to document management seats for SharePoint; the same experts tell us that less than 9% of all SharePoint users use SharePoint for document management.
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