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Top Tips for Purchasing Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment

When obtaining Test and Measurement Equipment there are many factors involved in the decision making process. Below are some considerations to assist you in making a favorable buying decision.

The categories for purchasing T&M equipment can be considered as follows: New, Used and Refurbished.

* New equipment requires minimal functional consideration other than “is it suitable for the application?” New equipment is obviously the highest priced choice and in some cases may have long delivery or “lead” times. * Used equipment typically is sold “as is” and un-tested with little or no warranty or right of return. Although the low price can be very appealing the actual product condition will vary. * Refurbished equipment usually has been cleaned and tested, with non-functioning parts replaced and has a warranty, right of return, operator manual and basic (standard) accessories. The price may be just slightly higher than the same “used” piece of equipment.

Therefore the focus of this article is on “refurbished equipment.” Typically a savings of 30 to 80 percent from new list price is not unusual, including a quicker than new delivery time.
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