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SIP Trunking Gets Down to Business
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Debunking five common misconceptions about extending
business IP telephony outside the company’s network

Voice over IP (VoIP) has come a long way since the first rudimentary services enabled primitive, free calls over the open Internet. Times have changed. The maturity of VoIP standards and quality of service (QoS) on IP networks has made VoIP a compelling choice for premium business communications, and not just to avoid toll charges.

Running business applications on a converged voice-and-data network streamlines the architecture, optimizes use of available bandwidth, reduces costs and enables powerful new services, such as “call follow-me,” unified communications and number portability—blending the many ways people communicate in a dynamic workplace.

In spite of the burgeoning popularity of VoIP for internal business communications, few companies are fully exploiting the potential for extending VoIP outside company walls, across service provider networks as well. Consider some possibilities:

• A call to your office number could ring at your desk phone, then your cell phone, then remote
office, etc., until it finds you wherever you are, at home or on the road.
• From an airport, a hotel room, a Wi-Fi hot spot or anywhere, you could change these
forwarding instructions as you change locations or form temporary project teams.
• You could collaborate with distant colleagues, customers or suppliers using shared Web
browsing, desktop collaboration and videoconferencing, all linked to email and voice mail.
• You could log in to use your personal communications features, message stores, contact lists,
preferences, etc. from any desktop or mobile IP phone, which doesn’t even have to be a phone.
• A company could publish local telephone numbers for the various geographic locations it
serves, yet handle all those calls in one location.
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