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WHITE PAPER Wavelink's Market Leadership in Enterprise Mobility and AIDC

INTRODUCTION Since its inception in 1992, Wavelink® has been a visionary company in the Auto Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry, which has positioned the company as the clear market leader in an industry that has evolved into what is today also known as Enterprise Mobility. In fact, the very evolution of the industry name to Enterprise Mobility is reflective of the early vision Wavelink had about what customers wanted and needed to be successful. Wavelink's vision is represented by two clear goals for Wavelink products, which still drive the company today: 1. Provide completely vendor‐independent software solutions in which any device with a radio can be confidently adopted by the customer 2. The creation of a complete Wireless Ecosystem Management solution By understanding its customers' current and future needs better than any other vendor, Wavelink has become the clear market leader as defined by customer installed base, technology adoption, and through pioneering new technologies and ongoing innovation. This paper provides a brief overview of the evolution of AIDC into today's Enterprise Mobility market and defines how Wavelink is the dominant market leader.

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