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Handhelds are a liberating technology for the mobile worker. The same cannot always be said for IT administrators grappling with the swirl of issues surrounding enterprise handheld deployment - or worse, turning the other way as handhelds creep in their back door. The journey into handheld deployment doesn't have to be a perilous one. Emerging enterprise solutions are empowering IT managers to take control of their mobile future.

The key to success is thorough planning. Begin with your existing infrastructure, and think about how you want extend your information assets out to mobile devices. And, how will you integrate them into your existing processes and systems? Early development of a mobile network backbone capable of supporting future growth and proliferation of new devices is essential to the long-term success of your mobile program.

The following is an introduction to enterprise handheld deployment issues, from getting started to nurturing and protecting your investment.

The Handheld Applications Guidebook, from Synchrologic

Indeed, many IT shops have been reluctant to embrace and support enterprise handheld deployments. But the time to move is now. Handhelds have invaded the organization, with senior management some of the early adopters. They know the benefits of having personal information available anytime, anywhere. They want to see this technology multiplied and adopted throughout the organization.
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