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Mobile Application Development: The Challenges & Best Practices
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The Mobile Rush Over 10 million new smartphones are sold each month and the market for mobile applications is exploding. Within just seven months of launch, the iPhone App Store listed over 15,000 new applications and served over 500 million downloads. Other application marketplaces, such as the BlackBerry Application Storefront, are also launching and expanding quickly. Mobile software vendors with products on one platform are rushing to launch versions for the BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and other devices. Internet companies in entertainment, social networking, travel, and other categories are urgently planning and building their first mobile applications, as are many enterprise and desktop software vendors.

The biggest gains are being delivered by innovative mobile applications that enable new services or user experiences, not applications that simply port or reformat existing desktop or web applications. Unfortunately, many companies are missing the tremendous opportunities of the mobile market because their applications are launched late, over-budget and with extremely poor usability. Even the most seasoned software vendors have painfully discovered how deceptively difficult it is to build great mobile applications. Mobile applications are fundamentally different from applications intended for desktop interaction and, because the category of mobile application software is relatively new, there are few designers and developers with the experience necessary to master those differences.

This paper explores the unique challenges of mobile application development and shares some hard-learned lessons and best practices for the efficient development of applications that users will love to use.
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