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Identify the Right Cloud Model for You
INetU, Inc.
All cloud solutions are not the same and neither are your requirements. Picking the right cloud model for the type of business problem you are trying to solve can be the most important decision you can make. This checklist will help guide you to identify the cloud model that best fits your business and application needs. There are generally three cloud models to choose from: Private Cloud A ...
Mobile security in corporate environments
Symtrex, Inc.
Hyper-Mobility meets Security in the corporate environment Mobile security in corporate environments Smartphone adoption is accelerating at a rapid rate, as today many companies need their hyper- mobile employees to be online not only in the ofce but also on the move – viola! The corporate smartphone comes to the rescue. A new trend shows many companies offering employees their choice of end ...
IT Governance and Managed Services
The question of whether to outsource IT has become part of the strategic thinking process for a growing number of organizations across a wide range of industries. Organizations are increasingly evaluating what is core to their business and weighing the benefits of turning non-core, but often critical functions such as IT, over to outside partners. The benefits are compelling. Through a managed ...
VoPI vs VoIP
iCore Networks, Inc.
VoPI vs. VoIP: Two Letters Make All of the Difference Featured on TMCnet Chris Harris, iCore chief technology officer and executive vice president It may seem like a typo, but it completely transforms Internet‐based telecommunications: Voice over Private Internet, or “VoPI,” solves a lot of problems inherent in Voice over Internet Protocol, or “VoIP.” VoPI, the foundation of Virginia ...
Biometric Performance
Cognitec Systems
This white paper shows the performance of the current B6T8 engine in the closed-set identification, the open-set identification and the verification scenario. All measurements were done using those two subsets of the grayscale FERET database that constitute the so-called Duplicate I test: a gallery including 1196 images of 1181 persons (for a few persons, two images are enrolled in the gallery) ...
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Quick Phone Feature Tutorial: Simultaneous Ring iCore Networks, Inc.
INetU, Inc. Document INetU, Inc. We love a challenge. From the intricacies of compliance to business-critical application hosting, our passionate, creative engineers are relentlessly ...

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