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ACH Outsourcing: A Profitability Enhancing Option for Mid-Tier and Large Financial Institutions
Fiserv Inc
ACH Outsourcing A Profitability Enhancing Option for Mid-Tier and Large Financial Institutions ACH Outsourcing Enhances Payments Profitability The credit crisis has exacerbated the need for financial institutions to reduce operating costs, safeguard customer relationships and maximize revenue potential. Until recently, most financial institutions counted on their payments business to ...
Choosing the Right RF Switches for Smart Mobile Device Applications
Skyworks Solutions, Inc
Modern smart phones and tablet computers typically incorporate multiple wireless services at different frequency bands ranging from FM radio to LTE. At the same time, an increasing number of designs utilize more than one antenna to enhance sensitivity and suppress cross-talk. Both trends place the miniature RF solid-state switches in an increasingly crucial role in smart mobile device RF front ...
Meeting Customers Where They are with Real Time Mobile Engagement
Kofax Ltd
In 2014, the total number of global mobile internet users is expected to surpass the total number of desktop internet users. Organizations are facing the reality that the preferred engagement channel of their customers (and potential customers) is no longer fax, snail mail, web portals or phone—it’s mobile. Static mobile apps—those enabling consumers to locate stores, check statuses and review ...
7 Reasons Why Every Managed Hoster is Not Alike
INetU, Inc.
Managed hosting providers come in all shapes and sizes. Some hosters focus on a specific geography, specialize in certain verticals or concentrate on a specific infrastructure type like Cloud. There are hosters that primarily serve SMBs and others that target the enterprise. Some hosters offer only a few types of infrastructure services and are equipped with a narrower range of technical ...
Cutting Complexity - Simplifying Security
Symtrex, Inc.
With Corporate IT becoming increasingly complex, the task of managing them is also much more involved and time consuming than ever before. This growing complexity brings many disadvantages for business, including increased cost, overloaded resources, impaired agility, security vulnerabilities and lock of visibility.
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Is this the next big thing for financial services? Fiserv Inc
EnterpriseIQ Process Monitoring IQMS With RealTime Process Monitoring in EnterpriseIQ from IQMS, you can collect information directly from manufacturing machines and have the information ...

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