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Leveraging Outsourced Payments Product Management
Fiserv Inc
White Paper Leveraging Outsourced Payments Product Management Typically, a formal Payments Product Management function is found in only the largest banking institutions. However, the convergence of payment transaction types and the ongoing migration from paper to electronic processing has escalated the need for institutions of all sizes to increase focus on their payments business. The Changing ...
In-App Billing for Independant Android Stores
It’s vital that any in-app billing system generates payment screens that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation – and changes the layout accordingly. ‘Charge to mobile’ checkout screens that look the same whatever the device Every customer has the same payment experience The Android space is highly fragmented. There are nearly a billion devices in use, and they vary greatly in terms of ...
Developing procedures for your document control system
Interax Group, Inc.
Developing procedures for your document control system in any company or organization can be a long and arduous process - numerous meetings around conference tables trying to create the perfect procedure: this is an impossible task. In an increasingly regulated business world it is extremely important to have pertinent and precise policies and procedures for your document control system. By ...
Become an ERP Sleuth: Do Your Due Diligence When Selecting a New ERP Vendor
Selecting an Manufacturing ERP vendor is not a decision to be made lightly and it will affect your business for years to come. Most organizations will go through an extensive review and analysis of features and functionalities. But in many cases these are not the only factors that make or break a successful implementation. Often times it is the less obvious information that is not always evident ...
5 Attributes of a Successful IT Asset Disposition Program
IT Asset Management Group
5 Attributes of a Successful IT Asset Disposition Program Government agencies, corporations, and various institutions are taking measures to improve IT asset management and disposition practices in order to mitigate risk of a data breach, achieve environmental initiatives, and ensure optimal financial performance. The following are some key pieces to building a secure and efficient IT disposal ...
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