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Open Source 2.0 for Content Management Systems
Today's content management system (CMS) is no longer simply a business tool, but has become a core part of the enterprise. As with most enterprise applications, the increased dependency on content management systems has come with a price tag—a steep one. Most enterprise CMS implementations run in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. In a climate where businesses and governments ...
5 Attributes of a Successful IT Asset Disposition Program
IT Asset Management Group
5 Attributes of a Successful IT Asset Disposition Program Government agencies, corporations, and various institutions are taking measures to improve IT asset management and disposition practices in order to mitigate risk of a data breach, achieve environmental initiatives, and ensure optimal financial performance. The following are some key pieces to building a secure and efficient IT disposal ...
Disaster Recovery [re]Defined
INetU, Inc.
The term Disaster Recovery is a bit of misnomer and can often lead business down a road that leaves them with an incomplete or impractical plan. INetU VP of Operations (and one-time Emergency Rescue & Response Incident Commander), David Van Allen, offers a fresh approach to planning for the worst. In his article, “Disaster Recovery [re]Defined”, David takes a fresh look at traditional disaster ...
A Practical Guide to Smart Process Applications by Sandy Kemsley
Kofax Ltd
"Good customer and business partner interactions are the lifeblood of successful organizations. Traditional packaged enterprise software applications, which focus on maximizing automation and efficiency of routine tasks, have been widely deployed in most organizations to support those critical interactions. Yet these applications often prove too rigid for the information-rich, dynamic and ...
How Successful ERP Selections are Made: The top things to look for, look at and look beyond
The top things to look for, look at, and look beyond when evaluating an ERP purchase For manufacturers looking to add, upgrade or replace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, one of the most apparent concerns is what the system can do. For example, can the system handle the company's scheduling needs; does it offer production monitoring and quality control; and can it stream- line ...
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Helpful Tips for Selecting a New ERP System for Your Manufactuirng Business IQMS Evaluating new ERP systems can be enough to drive you mad. Then throw in MES, Quality and eCommerce, how do they fit in? That's where it gets scary. ...
Quick Phone Feature Tutorial: Simultaneous Ring iCore Networks, Inc.

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