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Developing procedures for your document control system
Interax Group, Inc.
Developing procedures for your document control system in any company or organization can be a long and arduous process - numerous meetings around conference tables trying to create the perfect procedure: this is an impossible task. In an increasingly regulated business world it is extremely important to have pertinent and precise policies and procedures for your document control system. By ...
NetClarity and BYOD
Symtrex, Inc.
“BYOD is a huge head- ache for my company— NetClarity allows me to have complete control.” CIO, Regional Bank Phone: 1-866-431-8972 Email: BYOD is inevitable—what are you doing to secure your business? It's hard to not be curious about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon. The consumerization of information tech- nology is a huge topic for the tech world and businesses ...
Adopting thermal printing
Historically, manufacturer's proprietary language was required to communicate with thermal printers. Unlike other types of printers commonly used in the work place, thermal printers do not use a standard programming language for communications and control. Problem Overview The lack of a standard programming language has created problems for both product users and technology adopters such as ...
iCore Networks, Inc. Document
iCore Networks, Inc.
A BUSINESS CASE FOR VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE (VDI) DEPLOYMENTS A BUSINESS CASE FOR VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE DEPLOYMENTS Introduction Now more than ever, the typical employee is no longer tied to their desk and are constantly moving between their home office, client sites and satellite offices. This mobile trend is requiring employees access to their applications and data from any ...
Why Managed Services and Why Not Staff Augmentation? Ensuring companies derive the most value, including flexibility and skill a
In recent years, many information technology (IT) departments have sought to increase their agility, overcome short-term capability deficiencies, and/or accommodate the impact of hiring restrictions by utilizing staff augmentation arrangements with IT service providers or by contracting directly with independent contractors. As a temporary strategy, this approach has a number of advantages ...
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