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Installation of a 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge
AvaLAN Wireless
One company needed to expand into a new facility and retain access at the old facility over their leased T1 lines. Costly T1 lines and limited capacity made this a non-viable option. See how they were able to avoid interference for maximum signal strength and data throughput.
Developing a Successful Onboarding Program to Drive Customer Loyalty and Profitability
Fiserv Inc
For financial institutions, “onboarding” new customers is a critical process that begins when a customer opens an account and continues through the first 60 to 90 days following the initial contact. This white paper explores why the onboarding process is so critical and presents ten best practices Fiserv identified through a study of five super-regional banks.The onboarding processes evaluated ...
The Need for Network Monitoring Software
InterMapper, A Division of HelpSystems
If you are responsible for administering the IT infrastructure at a small-to-me- dium size business (SMB), using network monitoring, mapping and alerting software can help you do your job better by maximizing network uptime and efficiency. These tools are generally powerful, easy to use and affordable. After you enter the most important pieces of equipment to monitor, they just run in the ...
Biometric Performance
Cognitec Systems
This white paper shows the performance of the current B6T8 engine in the closed-set identification, the open-set identification and the verification scenario. All measurements were done using those two subsets of the grayscale FERET database that constitute the so-called Duplicate I test: a gallery including 1196 images of 1181 persons (for a few persons, two images are enrolled in the gallery) ...
Category Management Mastery: The key to growth!
JDA Software Group
Category Management Mastery: The key to growth! In the age of growing retailer strength, shopper empowerment, and new insights from big data analytics, the 20-year old discipline of Category Management is suddenly more important than ever. Where are you on the Category Management maturity curve? Mastering Category Management is critical to your company’s growth because Category Management ...
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