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Top 20 Bank Leverages CheckFree® RXP® from Fiserv to Drive Online Bill Pay Success
Fiserv Inc
Top 20 Bank Leverages CheckFree® RXP® from Fiserv to Drive Online Bill Pay Success InnovativeTechnology and Strategic Marketing to Consumers Leads to Dramatic Improvement in Online Bill Pay Adoption and Usage The challenge: To offer customers an intuitive online bill pay solution that promotes adoption and usage, reversing a downward trend in bill pay adoption. Industry leaders and research ...
The Complete Cloud: Creating and Preserving Cloud Savings, Security and Service Quality Through Transition Planning and Service
Creating and preserving cloud infrastructure savings, security and service quality requires active engagement by clients and their qualified cloud providers to prevent erosion of the benefits that drew them to the cloud in the first place. Help clients realize even greater value from the cloud - and avoid value erosion - by planning and managing cloud solutions holistically through solid ...
Enhancing the Competitiveness of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
iCore Networks, Inc.
Find out how iCore Networks' VoIP solutions can improve productivity, enhance service quality and provide significant savings to your business. Through the use of such technology, small to medium sized companies can better position themselves to compete in the global market.
Improving the Health of Hispanics Using Mobile Technology
3Cinteractive®, LLC.
This white paper is presented by HolaDoctor and 3Cinteractive. In this paper, we review the promise and potential of mobile-based technologies for overcoming barriers to accessing healthcare and improving the health of U.S. Hispanics. We start by providing a description of the U.S. Hispanic population, both in terms of their tremendous population and economic growth, as well as the ...
Analytics for Capture - Unlocking the Power of Analytics to Optimize Your Capture Environment
Kofax Ltd
The use of data and analytics is changing the way companies do business in the 21st century. Today, data is a core asset affecting every application and industry, and it all begins with the capture of data. Whether paper-based or electonic, capturing information when and where customer-facing interactions first occur is where the battle begins. Learn more about unlocking the power of analytics ...
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Innovative Cross-Channel Banking Tod Fiserv Inc
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