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VoPI (Voice over Private Internet) @ the Core of your Green Efforts
iCore Networks, Inc.
As our world becomes increasingly globalized, companies are seeking out new ways to incorporate environmental responsibility into their corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda. For some companies, environmental responsibility involves periodic initiatives that are pursued by the organization, while for others it is a key component of the moral fabric of the company. The majority of ...
7 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Hosting
INetU, Inc.
The Customer Centric Cloud Company APP Some benefits of moving to the cloud are more obvious than others. However, the obvious benefits only scratch the sDurBface of the business advantages you can achieve from adopting the cloud. Whether using a private, public, or hybrid cloud model, the hidden benefits of the cloud can help your business advance over your competitors and gain or retain the ...
Improving the Health of Hispanics Using Mobile Technology
3Cinteractive®, LLC.
This white paper is presented by HolaDoctor and 3Cinteractive. In this paper, we review the promise and potential of mobile-based technologies for overcoming barriers to accessing healthcare and improving the health of U.S. Hispanics. We start by providing a description of the U.S. Hispanic population, both in terms of their tremendous population and economic growth, as well as the ...
5 Attributes of a Successful IT Asset Disposition Program
IT Asset Management Group
5 Attributes of a Successful IT Asset Disposition Program Government agencies, corporations, and various institutions are taking measures to improve IT asset management and disposition practices in order to mitigate risk of a data breach, achieve environmental initiatives, and ensure optimal financial performance. The following are some key pieces to building a secure and efficient IT disposal ...
Why ERP  Systems Fail  to Perform
You have invested in a new ERP system, endured the implementation process and have begun using the software solution to manage your business. But somewhere along the line, you start to lose momentum. Slowly, without realizing it, your employees begin reverting to their old ways and processes. Frustrations with the system surface and suddenly, you find that your ERP software is not performing as ...
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Kofax Mobile Capture Platform - Age of The Customer Kofax Ltd It’s the Age of the Customer. They expect more from the companies they do business with. And they’ve made it clear mobile is their preferred channel. ...
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