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Composite applications: Where have all the mashups gone?
Composite applications hold great promise, freeing organizations from the constraints of centralized IT departments and empowering them to develop new systems and services on-the-fly in response to business demand. Yet the agility, productivity and financial gains of a composite application model are tough to achieve without a clear understanding of what's required to implement and sustain such a ...
Identify the Right Cloud Model for You
INetU, Inc.
All cloud solutions are not the same and neither are your requirements. Picking the right cloud model for the type of business problem you are trying to solve can be the most important decision you can make. This checklist will help guide you to identify the cloud model that best fits your business and application needs. There are generally three cloud models to choose from: Private Cloud A ...
Improving the Health of Hispanics Using Mobile Technology
3Cinteractive®, LLC.
This white paper is presented by HolaDoctor and 3Cinteractive. In this paper, we review the promise and potential of mobile-based technologies for overcoming barriers to accessing healthcare and improving the health of U.S. Hispanics. We start by providing a description of the U.S. Hispanic population, both in terms of their tremendous population and economic growth, as well as the ...
VoPI (Voice over Private Internet) @ the Core of your Green Efforts
iCore Networks, Inc.
As our world becomes increasingly globalized, companies are seeking out new ways to incorporate environmental responsibility into their corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda. For some companies, environmental responsibility involves periodic initiatives that are pursued by the organization, while for others it is a key component of the moral fabric of the company. The majority of ...
Customized  Innovation:  Finding the Tools  to Automate
IQMS 1.866.FOR.ERP2 Twitter: IQMSERP The manufacturing drive to operate leaner and more efficiently is currently being courted by the arrival of affordable custom automation for the shop floor. From straightforward pallet wrapper applications to complex and robust distribution systems, automation has a foothold in the competitive, modern manufacturing environment. Through ...
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