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7 Reasons Why Every Managed Hoster is Not Alike
INetU, Inc.
Managed hosting providers come in all shapes and sizes. Some hosters focus on a specific geography, specialize in certain verticals or concentrate on a specific infrastructure type like Cloud. There are hosters that primarily serve SMBs and others that target the enterprise. Some hosters offer only a few types of infrastructure services and are equipped with a narrower range of technical ...
A Practical Guide to Smart Process Applications by Sandy Kemsley
Kofax Ltd
"Good customer and business partner interactions are the lifeblood of successful organizations. Traditional packaged enterprise software applications, which focus on maximizing automation and efficiency of routine tasks, have been widely deployed in most organizations to support those critical interactions. Yet these applications often prove too rigid for the information-rich, dynamic and ...
Solid State and End of Life Security Methods
IT Asset Management Group
Best practice for SSD disk destruction and verified wiping processes is an increasingly disputed topic. Current trends have IT professionals forecasting a strong shift to the use of solid state hard drives in the data center and on the desktop. Regardless if one believes SSD will completely replace the current HDD, this media is already present in many devices and your company should have a ...
Mobile security in corporate environments
Symtrex, Inc.
Hyper-Mobility meets Security in the corporate environment Mobile security in corporate environments Smartphone adoption is accelerating at a rapid rate, as today many companies need their hyper- mobile employees to be online not only in the ofce but also on the move – viola! The corporate smartphone comes to the rescue. A new trend shows many companies offering employees their choice of end ...
Real-Time ShopFloor Integration, Simplified: The right ERP system can make it happen
The key to achieving cost-effective savings in the supply chain is to exchange information accurately and quickly in real-time. Learn how an ERP solution can actively monitor the shop floor as production occurs, and automatically enables the exacting exchange of real-time shop floor data.
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