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Developing procedures for your document control system
Interax Group, Inc.
Developing procedures for your document control system in any company or organization can be a long and arduous process - numerous meetings around conference tables trying to create the perfect procedure: this is an impossible task. In an increasingly regulated business world it is extremely important to have pertinent and precise policies and procedures for your document control system. By ...
Inside the Threat from Blackhole to Zero Access
Symtrex, Inc.
Malware B-Z: Inside the Threat From Blackhole to ZeroAccess By Richard Wang, Manager, SophosLabs U.S. Over the last few years the volume of malware has grown dramatically, thanks mostly to automation and exploit kits that make it easier for cybercriminals to create and distribute it. Kits are an intrinsic part of crimeware, providing not only the tools for creation and distribution of malware, ...
Why Managed Services and Why Not Staff Augmentation? Ensuring companies derive the most value, including flexibility and skill a
In recent years, many information technology (IT) departments have sought to increase their agility, overcome short-term capability deficiencies, and/or accommodate the impact of hiring restrictions by utilizing staff augmentation arrangements with IT service providers or by contracting directly with independent contractors. As a temporary strategy, this approach has a number of advantages ...
iCore Networks, Inc. Document
iCore Networks, Inc.
CLOUD-BASED SERVICES IN THE NONPROFIT SPACE ADVANCING MISSIONS THROUGH TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: CLOUD-BASED SERVICES AS A KEY DRIVER TO NONPROFIT ACHIEVEMENT, GROWTH, AND SUCCESS The Increasing Need for Cloud-Based Services across the Nonprofit Space Growing Trends in Nonprofit Technology - The Bigger Picture A primary driving force among nonprofit organizations is to successfully and ...
Compact industrial
Identifying the Sales Gap At first glance, the market for desktop and mid-range thermal transfer printers may seem saturated. And from a traditional sense, it is! There are a number of products on the market today vying for the same application and customer. Valued Added Resellers of auto-id solutions face many challenges in terms of product availability, competition, product differentiation and ...
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Control Network Access with NetClarity Symtrex, Inc.
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