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Core System Conversion
Fiserv Inc
The Fauquier Bank in Warrenton, Virginia, faced conversion from a core system that had grown in complexity over more than a decade. Working together as partners, the bank, Harper McNeil, Inc. and Fiserv carried off a smooth conversion. But that was only the beginning of the story.
In-App Billing for Independant Android Stores
It’s vital that any in-app billing system generates payment screens that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation – and changes the layout accordingly. ‘Charge to mobile’ checkout screens that look the same whatever the device Every customer has the same payment experience The Android space is highly fragmented. There are nearly a billion devices in use, and they vary greatly in terms of ...
Senior Mobile Healthcare
3Cinteractive®, LLC.
Seniors, Mobile Communication, and Health Care In January, 3Cinteractive joined President Donna Shalala and her team at the University of Miami for the Global Business Forum. The 2011 Global Business Forum focused on the business of health care and served as a call to action for thought leaders and change agents from public and private sectors of healthcare. The following white paper, Seniors, ...
Accurate System Level Design with Low Noise Amplifier’s BlackBox Models
Skyworks Solutions, Inc
System level simulations are not easy. Adding individual integrated or discrete component’s foundry/supplier kits to the system simulation adds complexity. Through Skyworks’ BlackBox model for the low noise figure SKY67151-396LF LNA, which does not include any extra modeling kits, customers can accurately simulate and predict small and large signal performance.
Emerging Trends in Green IT
As an emerging topic in IT management, “Green IT” practices are drawing high interest among IT organizations as well as suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. With the rapid run up of energy costs and a broadening awareness of the impact of global climate change, IT organizations are looking for strategies to offset rising costs and to use technology in ways that reduce their ...
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